Integration is our difference!...

Most architectural projects is done without much coordination with other projects of specialties, and without any kind of detail on the interior and exterior spaces, with regard to finishes, occupation of the mobile and fixed furniture, false ceilings and types of illumination.This lack of coordination in the project phase, often causes changes in the construction and therefore more expensive works, which take longer to be approved and built.

We seek to avoid all these problems right from the beginning, during the project, integrating all the projects of specialties in the Architectural Project and seek the best technical solutions, aesthetic and economic.

What we offer:

- 3D Modeling Images;
- Plans, sections and elevations (scale of 1:50 or higher);
- Definition of finishes, false ceilings and lighting;
- Definition of fixed furniture (including kitchens, bathrooms, closets);
- Definition of movable furniture (including sofas, beds, chairs);
- Definition of garden layout;
- Support for decoration (furniture, fabrics and decorative pieces);
- Technical Assistance during Construction.

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