Interior Design

Most of the buildings is made without giving importance to the quality of interior spaces for people.

The materials chosen, the type of furniture, the type of lighting, the good relationship between price and quality, the coordination between architecture and the projects of specialties, among many other factors, if well chosen, can ensure the creation of environments friendly, both in residential spaces, as in commercial spaces.

Our projects focus on renovations of spaces but also spaces that are under project or construction.

What we offer:

- 3D Modeling Images;
- Plans, sections and elevations (scale of 1:50 or higher);
- Definition of finishes, false ceilings and lighting;
- Definition of fixed furniture (including kitchens, bathrooms, closets);
- Definition of movable furniture (including sofas, beds, chairs);
- Support for decoration (furniture, fabrics and decorative pieces);
- Technical Assistance during Construction.

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