Urban rehabilitation is an urgent need to save the historic centers!

Gone are the time to go through the center of some cities was synonymous of finding a sea of people. Over the years, trade has disappeared, the buildings were degrading themselves and the old parts of cities began to die slowly. Today, residents are becoming less and ruined buildings even more. Given the huge scale of the problem, we believe it is urgent to invest in the rehabilitation of these buildings to attract more residents, more trade and more tourism, giving new life to the best of what we have in Portugal!

We are currently developing three rehabilitation projects inside the Historic Centre of Óbidos, considered a World Heritage by UNESCO:

- Creative Space "Josefa de Óbidos", Historic Centre of Óbidos
- Creative Space "André Reinoso", Historic Centre of Óbidos
- Creative Space "Baltazar Gomes Figueira", Historic Centre of Óbidos

What we offer:

- 3D Modeling Images;
- Plans, sections and elevations (scale of 1:50 or higher);
- Definition of finishes, false ceilings and lighting;
- Definition of fixed furniture (including kitchens, bathrooms, closets);
- Definition of movable furniture (including sofas, beds, chairs);
- Definition of garden layout;
- Support for decoration (furniture, fabrics and decorative pieces);
- Technical Assistance during Construction.

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